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Number Five

Evif Rebmun

10/15/09 02:38 pm - Not Dead

Just not a whole lot to say really.  The days are getting harder to deal with.  It sounds so cliched, but I really hate life.

5/4/09 07:00 pm - # 2069-1313-7307

Once again my computer refuses to acknowledge that it's plugged into a router of any kind.  Doesn't matter how many times I release my IP, shut off my router, or dick around with the settings in computer.  The only way I can get online is by directly being plugged into the modem.

And my mower isn't work now.

And I still don't have a store.

But I know what I'm getting Dillon for his graduation party!  (I totally just ordered it.)


4/22/09 09:40 pm - Little Kings

So, my computer for whatever reason has decided it only wants to connect to the internet when it's directly connected to the modem.  If I connect it to the router, it throws this huge hissy-fit and says "Oh, internet this way?  Go to hell you little prick!"

So if you don't see me on AIM a lot, it's because of this exact reason.  Hopefully I can figure this out/stumble upon the solution by blind dumb luck.  Either way there are people here harshin' my buzz, and I fucking hate it!

I get to see my girl tomorrow yay!  Except it's in class and she doesn't know she's my girl yet.  If I grow a pair she will.  :D

4/18/09 10:30 pm - Time Of The Season

I've noticed I've started losing contact with people that I always thought I was at least pseudo-close to.  Which I absolutely hate.  I don't like losing friends in the slightest.

Even with all this nice weather all I've been experiencing lately is sadness.  Sadness because of work, sadness due to my life.  I bought a 24 pack of Little Kings, I think I'm going to go make a dent in it.

3/5/09 07:27 pm

I nearly quit work Monday.  Managers (one in particular) playing favorites with crew who they happen to be in a relationship with does not sit well with me.  Even more so when it winds up to me being stranded in the back by myself when we're getting MURDERED with customers. 

I was hellbent on not going into management.  I was subsequently talked back into it.

I'm seriously considering trying to get into a good school.  I will aim for I.U..  I know many people who are there and who will be going there.  It seems like the logical choice.

I've been so depressed lately it's unnerving.  I question everything I have going for me in my life.  Friendships, work, this house, all of it.  I'm an idiot for it, but I still do it day in and day out.  I hardly sleep, and when I do I'm constantly waking up for no reason.  The worst part is I don't know how to talk about it with anyone.  Or what to really do about it.  What's the secret to getting over something like this?

Something needs to change.

1/26/09 11:21 pm

Things are going better.

Can I still have that hug?

1/19/09 10:49 pm - What Great Luck

So on Saturday I got the truck titled and plated.  I can now drive where I want legally that is my own.

Yesterday (Sunday morning), I rolled my truck on it's side driving home from taking Antonio to work.  The driver's side mirror and window are both gone, and my door won't close correctly.  I was, thankfully able to drive it to my parent's house where they had to fork over $175 to the guy who flipped my car back over on it's wheels.

My left side hurts from when the truck hit the road.  I'm probably also sore from having to climb up out of the top (which was the passenger's side door).

I'm still so exhausted from the whole ordeal.  I have two days off starting tomorrow, so it'll be nice to relax and let my poor body heal up a bit.

Here's hoping my truck is fixable.  :(

I really want a hug right now.

1/5/09 02:33 pm - Late, But No Less Important

     "This gift is a little late, but regardless, we wish you no less a Merry Christmas.  You're a positive aspect in all our lives, and a great friend.  We have the utmost faith in your abilities, and wish you nothing but luck in all you do.  This gift serves as a long lasting reminder of how much we care about you, and how much we believe in you.  We hope to brighten your life as much as you've brightened ours."

- Your Friends and Family

Wishing you a holiday
filled  with love,
laughter and joy

Merry Christmas
This was the card that was given to me along with two new pieces of beer brewing equipment (a jet bottle washer, and an immersion wort chiller).

I know I often bitch about certain aspects of my life, and it causes me to not realize many things about other aspects.   But I know now that I have some of the best friends anybody could ask for.   And I have a quality or two that make me worth knowing, that make me stand out a bit more from others.

So, to everyone who had a hand in this, and even to those who didn't, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.  And I hope you'll forgive me for not realizing this sooner.

I love you all.

1/1/09 01:05 am - New Year

This has been a rather peaceful way to bring in the New Year.

No drinking.  No partying.  I just sat around with some good friends and my sister, and watched a movie.  Suddenly 2009 was here.

I'm not one of those people who sits around and debates whether the year previous was "good," "great," "terrible," or hopes that the "next year  will hopefully be better."  Whenever I do that it's usually made neutral by both the good and bad memories I have.

So here's to hopefully another neutral year.

12/26/08 09:04 am - Exiting Arm

I can't go to work right now, damn freezing rain turning everything into a pile of icy-shit.  :(

Due to me opening my big mouth, I kinda feel like the big punchline to a joke.

Why do I have such a warped perception of things?  Why do I always get my hopes up about everything?


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